Sandbox Feb Updates

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Pre-February Updates

gm_Northwest_Airfield - A great map with a long wide runway and tones of places to PVP & build.
gm_kartrace - A map to compete your very own custom car and do races with others.
M9K Specialties - EXPLOSIONS! NUKES! Big booms & grenades! Just don't annoy other people with it lol.
NoCollide All Multi - Useful for the experienced builders needing mass selection tools.
Media Player - Watch videos by using URLs on screens with interactive screens with your fellow sandbox players. Note that you the require chromium branch setup! (takes 30 seconds)
Regular + Rank - Trusted role given to members that are dedicated to the server. This rank has some moderation commands to help out.
Donation Rank - A role given to donators to get access to Buses, Trams and media players.

Advanced Dupe 2 - FIXED!
Blacklist - Reset! You can now spawn nearly every non-break-the-server props!
Prop Limit - Set to 700 props for everyone.

PlayX - Being replaced by Media Player(edited)  

Mid-February Updates

TF2 Playermodels - After some suggestions, we've added TF2 player models and content for you to enjoy. (WILL BE ADDED AFTER MAIN UPDATE)
Pointshop - After the update is implemented, you will be able to purchase cosmetics/hats/playermodels. Some will be donor only. (WILL BE ADDED AFTER MAIN UPDATE)
Hoverboards - Be an utter badass and hover yourself around the map on your own customized hoverboard you can do tricks on... fancy.
More Sligwolf Vehicles - A hovercraft, to stay afloat upon the flatgrass waters! Sorry, I'm drunk.
Sit Anywhere! - A great plugin where you can use ALT + E you sit anywhere. This was highly requested."
Track Assembly - A fantastic addon that is for making tracks/road/rails accurately.
Weight Tool - Now you can edit the weight of particular props by using this great addon. Just be careful, it can break your builds if used carelessly!
M9K Weapons - We're added the full collection for more chaos and PVP people are looking for!

URS - Limits are being modified, they sometimes seem to work and sometimes don't.